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Partnership With God: His Help Follows Acts of Obedience, Faith

By Vincent Kituku

Here is the point. God will not do for you what you can do because He does what you can NEVER DO. For God to do what you cannot do, you need to do your part.

We read in the Bible situations that were beyond what any human being is capable of rectifying. Yet in those situations, God invited somebody to do his or her part. The situations had reached a point were people were desperate, had givenup or were on the verge of giving up. They knew that their circumstance was beyond their control.

Resurrecting Lazarus required God’s power (John 11). But Christ Jesus wanted Mary, Martha and those mourning with them to remove the stone that covered Lazarus’s grave.

God provided manna, but He didn’t put it in His people’s plates (Exodus 16). It was their responsibility to pick up the free food.

In Acts 12, we see God delivering Peter from a prison where he was chained. There were guards and soldiers and an iron gate — impossible obstacles for a prisoner to overcome. Yet He didn’t open the door to the house where Peter went to be with his fellow Christians. They had to open that door.

There are two unquestionable attributes, obedience and faith, that are needed forGod to do His part. Not a single situation was rectified without obedience, people doing what God told them to do even if it sounded or seemed stupid and/or strange.

Peter did what the angel instructed Him to do. A veteran fisherman, Peter had never seen a dime in a fish’s mouth. But when he was instructed by Jesus to go getmoney for their taxes from a fish’s mouth, he obeyed. When he was later told where to cast his net, after fishing for a whole night without catching anything, he obeyed — we know the outcome in both cases.

The woman in 2 Kings 4, whose husband had died and creditors wanted to take her sons as bondmen, did as Elisha instructed her to do. When Mary and Martha and those in their company obeyed and removed the stone from Lazarus's grave, the dead man was resurrected.

In some situations, people’s unbelief or unwillingness to do their part delayed the rectification of the situation they wanted (even prayed about) to be rectified. Lazarus remained dead as his sisters were trying to tell Jesus that there was no need to remove the stone since he had been dead for several days.

It is interesting that the church prayed for Peter’s situation, but when he knocked on the door, they didn’t open it at first, forcing him to keep knocking. You know, if those guards had followed him, they could have found and arrested him outside because people had delayed doing their part when God had done His.

Naaman (2 Kings 5: 1-19) suffered longer than he had to from leprosy, a dreaded disease, because of his unwillingness to follow instructions that seemed silly. He had to be convinced by his servant.

To bring hope into hopeless situations in partnership with God, we need to pray, obey, have faith and not be surprised when God does His part.

Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku, award-winning international speaker and author, is thefounder of Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope and Caring Hearts High School in Kenya. He may be reached at (208) 376-8724 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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