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God Dots: Woman Experiences 'But God...' Moments

By Jim Day

Sometimes, it seems like that the devil takes a special interest in destroying someone’s life.

But God... shows up and intervenes (God Dots).

Sometimes the way He intervenes can be painful and not make sense to us as we are living it, but when we look back, it becomes clear that He was there all along.

In this article I would like to introduce you to Carol. Carol agreed to share her story in order that God would be glorified through it. Her “BC” (Before Christ) story begins in Sunnyvale, Calif.; she was the second daughter born into a middle class family. Her father made a comfortable living working at Ford Aerospace.

Carol’s life through high school was somewhat uneventful, with the exception that she spent one year as an exchange student in Sweden. It seems that is where her life began to derail. While in Sweden, she started experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Addiction crept into her life and found a home.

After her year in Sweden, Carol returned to Sunnyvale and her father got her a job at Ford Aerospace as he had done for her sister. Carol worked there for about a year, took a two-week vacation and never went back. Her life became all about sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

She stayed in the Bay Area, met a man and moved in with him, only to realize that he was an abusive manipulator. Her life became a living hell of torment and abuse at the hands of someone who claimed to love her. The abuse was so severe that she developed a stuttering problem and the drug use increased.

But God... gave her Mrs. PeeWee, a dog. The only real comfort she had was her dog. She loved that dog and that dog loved her.

One day, in a fit of violent rage, her boyfriend threw Mrs. PeeWee against the wall. Something must have clicked in Carol’s mind. Somehow it had been okay for him to be abusive towards her, but it wasn’t okay for him to be abusive to Mrs. PeeWee. Carol snuck some of her things out to her car, grabbed Mrs. PeeWee and ran.

By then, her mother and father had split up, and her father had moved to Georgia, so Carol went to her mom. After hearing her daughter's story, Carol’s mom told her that she was a “battered” woman and encouraged her to never return to her boyfriend.

Carol met another man, who treated her well, and she moved in with him, but she knew she couldn’t stay.

But God... She got a job in the shipping department of a company, and with some financial help from her father, packed up her meager belongings and shipped them to Georgia, one box at a time. Once she had completed the task, she and Mrs. PeeWee took a road trip to Georgia to start a new life.

Carol met some new friends in Georgia and started using drugs again, only this time she added crack cocaine to her list of preferred drugs. At one point, she was running an errand for the company she worked for and was in a severe accident. While at a stoplight, she was rear-ended by a guy who was driving 45 mph. His brakes didn’t work, and he could not stop or even slow down. Her compact car was literally crushed, and they had to use the “jaws of life” to extricate her.

Severe head injuries led to Carol suffering paralyzing panic attacks. The drugs she was taking made the panic attacks worse, and she had to be institutionalized for a time.

But God... Because she was “on the job” when the accident occurred, all of her care was paid for by workman’s compensation.

Mrs. PeeWee died shortly after.

For the first time in a long while, Carol was clean and sober. Carol’s mom and sister had moved to Boise, and she decided to join them. Carol moved in with her sister and her sister’s husband and got a job at Ore-Ida corporate headquarters. Soon she had saved enough money to buy a nice house.

Things were going pretty well for Carol, and she met a man and moved him into her house. He had told her that he didn’t use drugs, but she soon found out that was a lie. She started using again. The couple split up, but the drugs were back in Carol’s life, and she was having a hard time supporting her habit.

Then Ore-Ida merged with another company and moved its corporate headquarters. Carol was offered a severance package and took it, but she had started hanging out with a biker and somehow he managed to take everything she had that was worth anything. Unemployed, she had to sell her house. She got another job and, to support her habit, started embezzling money. She eventually confessed and went to jail.

But God... Her sentence was three years fixed and 11 years indeterminate, but she served a nine-month “rider program” in the women’s prison south of Boise and was released. While in prison, she met a woman who had been imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. Her name was Vivian, and she told Carol about Jesus. Calvary Chapel’s ministry team came the next day, and Carol gave her life to Jesus.

For nine months, Carol poured herself into the Word of God and solidified her faith.

Carol’s mom needed care, and when Carol was released, she began caring for her mother. Carol was blessed with the opportunity to lead her mom to Jesus just two months before she passed away. God had given them complete reconciliation and Carol’s mom left her enough money to pay off the restitution to her old employer.

There was also enough left to allow Carol to attend Calvary Chapel’s school of ministry. She then went to work at City Light Ministry, overseeing upwards of more than 50 women at a time, women who had experienced some of the same things that she had lived through, and worse.

Carol decided to go to court to try to get her probation reduced. She got an attorney through a friend that only charged her half of his normal fee, and when they went before the judge, Carol was given the opportunity to share her testimony. The judge released her from probation, allowing her to be truly free 6½ years early.

Carol would spend 3½ years at City Light, and during that time attended the College of Western Idaho for medical coding. But she never got an opportunity to put that knowledge to use. The news of her father passing away overwhelmed Carol, and she left City Light for some personal time.

But God... Sometime later, she saw a “help wanted” sign for A Caring Hand. She got hired and started caring for people in a very personal way, giving loving care to individuals in need. She has been at Caring Hand for 4½ years.

I recently met with Carol to talk to her “face to face.” There is a peace to her demeanor and a confidence. She can see where God intervened in her life even before she believed.

Her God Dots are unique to her life, but for any of you who can see yourself in any part of her story, God is there with you. Right now, He is with you.

Ask Jesus into your life. He is the only way.

Once you’ve asked Jesus in, please find a Bible-teaching church where you will find support and love.

Jim Day graduated from Meridian High School. He spent 25 years working as a pipefitter. He has been married to his wife Cindy for 31 years, and the couple has two children and seven grandchildren. He would love to hear your God Dots story, and it may be used for publication. Email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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